Welcome to my page, WHICH IS UNDER MAJOR CONSTRUCTION!!!!! It is constantly . So come back as often as you can.

Click here for my girls' club.

Click here for my skating page.

Email me.

I know this page probably looks really tacky right now, so please go to my WAY cool girls club and skating page for now while I try to finish this page.

Here's who I am:

Megan Anderson

12 years old

Email: janderson@why.net

A figure skater and gymnast

who usually makes really cool pages on the net.....

except for this tacky old thing!!!!

But for now, you can e-mail me your stories/poems, this is going to be a writing page.

Here's a poem:

Goodbye, Hi, Goodbye, Hi.

Don't I love vareity???

Well....since this is coming out so tacky, I'm sure you don't want to look at it any more, so.......

Bye. : )

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