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Megan's Skating Page

skating lovers have been here...

Welcome to My Page

Welcome to my page! Although this page is Under major construction, you can enjoy it right now till it is completely finished! Enjoy!

I'm a skater who LOVES the sport, so I created this page for others like me, who LOVE the sport.

Who is this girl with a cool homepage? I'm 12 years old and live in Texas. I skate at Icoplex in Addison. Icoplex has 1 olympic sized ice, 1 smaller size ice, and a snack bar. I'm in FS 4, and a member of ISI. I will hopefully join USFSA soon.

Here are a few of my favorite moves:

SITSPIN-a spin like a shoot the duck(a dip with one leg extended) spin in that position, finish with a scratch spin.

TOE LOOP JUMP-a jump where you do an inside 3 turn, dig toe in, and jump. Land on 1 foot.

SPIRAL-a move where 1 leg is lifted. glide in that position. You can also do a backwards spiral.

My favorite skaters are:

OKSANA BAUIL-1994 Olympic gold medalist-orphaned at age of 13-from Ukraine-Age 19-

VIKTOR PERTRENKO-1992 Olympic Gold Medalist-also from Ukraine-1988 Olympic Bronze Medalist-

KATIA GORDEEVA-1988 & 1994 Olympic Gold Medalist-used to pair skate with Sergei Grinkov-wrote a book, "My Sergei"-

Penpals? If you would like to be on my penpals list, send me an e-mail with your name, age, location, and interests. I will add you to the penpal list when I next update this page. I'd like to give a big hello to my penpals:


Please bookmark this page and come back. It is updated monthly. I'd love for you to e-mail me with comments or suggestions, links or images. Also, visit my other page below, "My Trivia and Skating Info Page" It is in my Skating Links.

Come back again!!

Skatingly yours,


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