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Megan Anderson

Oksana Bauil

Trivia and Skating Info

Ok, many of you are probably wondering what the answer is to December's question, "Scott Hamilton started skating because..." The answer was (A)He had a disease that made his legs weak.

Scott Hamilton's legs were very weak as a child. His mother took him on a trip to the rink, and he loved it. His legs became stronger with each trip to the rink. Now, he is the gold medalist who everyone loves. His comedy on ice is what makes Scott 'Scott'.

This month, I am doing something a little different with the trivia. You must e-mail me the answer that you think it is. Like I said, this is still under construction and I will have a list called: Skaters who know their stuff, and if you're right, you'll be on it. This month's trivia question is:

Oksana Bauil won her gold medal in 1994. Who won silver?

A)Katerina Witt B)Nancy Kerrigan C)Kristi Yamuguchi D)Tonya Harding

Ekaterina Gordeeva wrote a book about Sergei. I got the book for Christmas and it is beautiful. I am currently on the chapter called, "Lillehammer" I reccomend this book to any skating fan. Its called, "My Sergei, A Love Story" Go read it now!!

People say that Oksana Bauil is not working hard enough right now. Here's what some judges and skaters had to say, in a magazine and on TV.

Katia Gordeeva: She just wants to be a teenager now and go out and have fun like normal teenagers do.

Kurt Browning: It's just too much for her now, between all the traveling, changing and breaking in skates, and all the competing.

Judge: I see fear in her eyes. She's afraid to attempt a jump, because she think she'll fall, and then barely tries the jump, and ends up missing it.

Me: I say that she's just under a lot of pressure, between her injury and everything Kurt Browning said.

What do you have to say? Do you think something different? Tell me about it. E-mail me. I'm also starting a 'e-mail discussion'. Every month I'll put up a skating situation, and you tell me what you think about it. I'll write all your opinions in next month.

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